John Deere FarmSight integrates your John Deere machines and John Deere AMS with dealer provided support and service packages in an industry leading solution to increase productivity, efficiency, and machine uptime and reduce costs.
Operators and machines can be supported remotely using JDLink data and diagnostic information, as well as features such as Remote Display Access.
Machines can be remotely monitored and analysed using information from JDLink to identify potential areas of improvement.
Dealer access to JDLink allows planned service and maintenance, and remote diagnostics. Maintenance alerts can be sent to the dealer via SMS and e-mail.
Potential issues can be resolved quicker and easier by being pro-active, using remote information to help identify problems.
Increase machine uptime in the event of a machine problem as diagnostic information from JDLink such as fault codes would normally require a site visit beforehand.
Machine location information allows the dealer support technician to go straight to the machine if a site visit is required.
Software on your AMS products will be kept up to date to make sure it is operating at its best and enable operators to use new features as they become available.
Dealer provided FarmSight service and support packages can be tailored and adjusted to suite individual needs and requirements.

Customers can benefit from:

  • Pro-active maintenance
  • Machine set-up and optimization
  • AMS software updates
  • AMS set-up and optimization
  • Remote diagnostics and support
  • Remote machine analysis