Guidance, Automation, and Precision Farming

AutoTrac is an automated steering system that automatically steers the machine to a desired guidance line or track. AutoTrac is one of the best guidance solutions on the market, available on all John Deere machines that are AutoTrac Ready, John Deere and Non-John Deere machines equipped with AutoTrac Controller or AutoTrac Universal. AutoTrac offers many benefits to operators, including optimized machine efficiency, reduced operator fatigue, and the ability to work at faster speeds.

AutoTrac ready is an integrated John Deere factory fitted option on John Deere equipment that includes all the required automated steering hardware. Kits available to retro-fit this option to current and older John Deere machines, making them identical to a machine fitted with the option at the factory.

AutoTrac Controller is an integrated AutoTrac solution for older John Deere machines where AutoTrac ready is not available as a retro-fit kit, and non-John Deere machines. The kit provides superior performance and operating experience compared to universal steering systems.

For select models, AutoTrac Controller can utilize the tractor manufacturer’s automatic steering components. These vehicles will be referenced as guidance-ready vehicles.

For non-guidance ready vehicles, the AutoTrac Controller kit contains all hydraulic and electrical components needed to work with the John Deere GreenStar system.

AutoTrac Universal (ATU) is a machine steering kit used for automatic guidance in John Deere and non-John Deere machines. This system replaces the original machine steering wheel with a motorized unit, providing automated steering without the expense and time involved with fitting integrated systems. The ATU wheel can be moved from machine to machine, variety of adapters available for most machine steering columns. The John Deere ATU is the premier universal steering system in the agricultural industry.
In addition to steering hardware AutoTrac function requires:

  • GreenStar  Display, GS2, GS3, or GS4.
  • AutoTrac  Activation on display.
  • StarFire receiver with SF1 signal or higher.


Active Implement Guidance:
Active Implement Guidance automatically steers the implement to follow the desired guidance line independently from the tractor. Active Implement Guidance utilizes the tractors AutoTrac and Greenstar components along with an implement steering mechanism to provide increased implement precision.

With Active Implement Guidance, both the tractor and the implement follow the same guidance line in straight, circle, and curve track modes. Growers who are planting bedded crops, planting row crops, or strip-tilling, as well as those operating in standing row-crop applications, can capitalize on the value of Active Implement Guidance.


iTEC Pro:
iTEC Pro is an innovative module for the GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display. This solution co-ordinates vehicle and implement functions with end-of-row turns by combining AutoTrac and iTEC.

iTEC Pro allows the implement and machine functions to be performed consistently on the headlands or internal boundaries as well as positioning the machine correctly for the next pass through the field. iTEC Pro is an industry-exclusive product that demonstrates John Deere's commitment to being the leader in the precision agriculture industry.

iTEC Pro offers many benefits to operators:

  • Optimized machine efficiency
  • Reduced operator fatigue
  • Ability to perform consistent headland turns


Tractor Implement Automation:
Tractor Implement Automation (TIA) concept enables ISO-BUS implements that support TIA to communicate with the tractor for automated adjustment of all ISOBUS connected functions such as speed, steering, power take-off (PTO), 3-point hitch, and hydraulics.



Machine Sync:
Machine Sync connects machines together via machine communication radio, combine harvesters can directly control the tractor while unloading on the go to give accurate and even grain loading. Tractor operators can see combine location and grain tank level, as well as other connected tractors. Connected machines can share guidance lines and coverage maps.



Active Fill Control:
Active Fill Control automatically controls the rotation and cap position of the spout on SPFH. The Forage Harvester can actively track the transport vehicle and using a stereo camera aim the crop flow to the correct location for the desired fill strategy. The transport vehicle can be filled accurately and to capacity whilst the SPFH operator can focus on other tasks.


Harvest Lab:
Harvest Lab is mounted to the discharge spout of a forage harvester and takes accurate readings of the crop as it passes through the spout giving real time detection of feed quality. Harvest Lab provides on-the-go yield and moisture data when used in conjunction with Harvest Monitor, this instantaneous information can then be recorded and documented by using the Harvest Doc mapping system.

Harvest Lab uses near- infrared spectroscopy (NIR) to accurately measure moisture of the harvested crop, in conjunction with Constituent sensing activation it can also measure protein, starch, and fibre content. Automatic length of cut adjustment can be made based on constituent levels.

Alternatively, the Harvest Lab unit can be removed from the forage harvester and fitted to a slurry tanker, in conjunction with Manure Sensing activation it can measure volume and dry matter, as well as levels of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and ammonium. This information can be recorded and documented along with GPS position to give as-applied field coverage maps.

 Harvest Lab can also be removed from the machine and used as a stationary / standalone lab to provide feed analysis.


Section Control:
Section Control automatically turns individual implement sections of approved ISO-BUS implements on and off.  Based on GPS information, implement sections are controlled at headlands, boundaries, and previously covered areas. Section control is compatible with all John Deere implements supporting this function and ISO-BUS implements from other brands.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced overlap
  • Increased efficiency
  • Lower operating and production costs


Greenstar Rate Controller:
The GreenStar Rate Controller acts as an interface for the GreenStar Display to integrate with many implements such as John Deere or non-John Deere sprayers, fertilizer spreaders, seed drills, and planters. The GreenStar Rate Controller can control flow and individual implement section valves or planter clutches, giving non ISO-BUS implements the functionality of rate control, and section control, helping to reduce costs by avoiding overlap and provide precise application of products based on prescription maps.


FieldConnect is field installed gateway with internet access that provides detailed field information directly to any computer or mobile device with an internet connection to the FieldConnect site under MyJohnDeere, this gives the ability to make more accurate, real-time agronomic and irrigation decisions based on the FieldConnect data without the need to go to the field, saving time and costs.
FieldConnect data includes:;


  • Soil moisture
  • Soil temperature
  • Air temperature
  • Solar radiation
  • Precipitation