Telematics and Operation Management

JDLink is the John Deere telematics system that uses an on board telematics unit with cellular network access, this enables machines to be monitored and supported remotely by using your office computer or mobile device with JDLink app and internet access. Machine alerts can be sent via SMS or e-mail.
When used with GS3 2630 display or GS4 4600 Command Centre it allows information to be sent between machines and to the John Deere Operations Centre using Wireless Data Transfer.
The GS3 2630 and GS4 4600 displays can also be viewed remotely through Remote Display Access.
JDLink is a factory fitted option on John Deere machines, it can also be retro fitted to John Deere** and non-John Deere machines**

JDLink access and JDLink Connect features include:

  • Monitor machine location
  • Monitor machine hours and fuel usage
  • Monitor machine utilization
  • Monitor machine settings
  • Monitor diagnostic information and allow dealer remote diagnostics
  • Monitor machine productivity data
  • Geo-fence and curfew alerts
  • Maintenance planning and alerts

JDLink Connect has the following additional features

  • Remote Display Access
  • Wireless Data Transfer

**Level of information accessed through JDLink will vary depending on the machine it is fitted to. is the Ag web portal for John Deere, providing a central location for all internet based services. Here you can access applications such as Stellar Support, JDLink, and Operations Centre with one login.

Operations Centre:
Operations Centre provides you with a free to use application where all your JDLink active machines can be viewed and monitored all in one place.
Plan and manage your operation by using the information available in Operations Centre, from real-time weather to machine work and coverage maps. Information can be transferred to the Operations Centre via Wireless Data Transfer or manually by downloading information from your GreenStar display to usb and uploading to Operations Centre.





MyJobConnect is an operations and jobs management tool that utilises MyJobs and MyJobsManager apps for Apple iPhone and iPad and also integrates with Operations Centre.
Jobs can be created and scheduled with field and equipment details, specific work instructions, in MyJobsManager app on iPad or Operations Centre, the job details can be sent to machine operators with MyJobs app on their iPhone or iPad. Jobs can be monitored in Operations Centre or MyJobsManager giving up to date work progress information.
MyJobConnect Premium includes the additional MyLogistics app for Apple iPad. MyLogistics helps optimise machine logistics with intelligent machine routing using vehicle profile information and detailed route information that includes field and forest roads, and route restrictions.
Operators can be navigated directly to a specific field or even a lead machine such as Combines and SPFH.